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Sustainable Building


Net Positive Energy Source Home


This home is the culmination of our experience building energy source homes exclusively for the Hawaiian Islands. The Net Positive Energy Source Home combines the Energy Efficient Home with the Net Zero Home as well as adding Rainwater Harvesting and Aerobic Septic System. These homes can generate their own domestic water and manage waste water on site. Grey water is seperated for one or more use to minimize waste. Run off from rainwater is avoided so as not to lose any topsoil or contaminate water down stream. Great care is taken in the selection of materials to avoid toxins and waste as well as out gasing from piosonous  glues and sealants. We select our materials from Sustainable sources to have the least impact possible on the enviroment. We also encourage creating  sustainable agriculture with a Permaculture approach creating an edible landscape.

 This allows a home to become the point source for it's own needs. 


Our goal with the Net Positive Energy Source Home is to build homes that can be completely autonomous, giving you the option to build where others cannot.


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