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The Smith Built Home 


The major thrust of our building concept is conservation of energy while using natural and local resources as well as embracing fine architectural lines with an eye for the finish. This what truly seperates our homes from the rest. We srtive to build homes that are 60 - 100% more efficient over conventionally built homes. It is our 35+ years of hands on experiencehas shown us that investment in energy conservation far outweighs energy production. Investing in conservation will reduse the amount of energy that you need to produce to reach net zero.

Net Zero Energy Source Homes

This is a step up from normal energy efficient homes. They require design and orientation to add Photovoltaic Systems (solar panels), which provide all the power needed for the home. For this reason we have our own solar installation crew Friends Solar a subsidiary of Paul Smith Construction for all our solar installation needs. After all steps are taken to reduse our homes consumption can we look to our Solar division to reach net zero energy usage.

Smart Energy Efficient Homes

This is the basic foundation for our homes. Our smart design process, combined with energy efficient components, creates homes that are

60 - 90 % more energy efficient than than conventionally built homes.

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