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Paul Smith has been building on Maui for over 28 years. He is well established as a premier custom builder with amazing architecturally innovative structures. Specialized in fine woodworking, exquisite interiors and cabinetry Paul brings it all together in the most compelling design/builds on Maui. 


Maui is full of Paul's showcase work, employing more responsible building techniques he has shown the value of remodeling and the stunning beauty of incorporating the spirit of Maui into the your new Paul Smith built home.


Paul began his building career when he decided to follow his heart by building his own boat at the age of 17 complete with a beautifully appointed teak decks and interior. Upon completion of his 42' traditional wood ketch in South Africa, the sea’s magic allure caught this young skipper and at 21 he set sail to parts unknown! Eventually he made his way to the North America where he continued building boats in California and became a woodworking craftsman. Eventually as he became known for his relentless pursuit of perfection -contractors and builders would find him out for their custom woodworking, cabinetry, and fine furniture.

Maui became home for the Smith family in 1984 when a client wanted to put all of Paul’s building skills to a challenge. Paul collaborated in design construction and finish to create an exquisite coastal residence with an exotic hawaiian wood interior. 

While still maintaining his passion for woodworking Paul continued his building career with several high-end homes. Having in depth experience in all aspects of construction led him to becoming one of Maui’s premier licensed General Contractors.

In the years that followed Paul built and owned a prominent high-end cabinet company here on Maui. As the business grew Paul began to lend his talents toward custom homes and cabinetry, manufacturing from indigenous woods and building products. Not leaving anything to chance he still over sees all of the cabinetry installations while continuing to build and remodel high-end homes, condos, and commercial projects.

Green Building LEED Associate

During the past ten years Paul has continued to expand his experience by studying and training in sustainable building practices.  Building with a conscience leads to taking logical steps that all building should follow. He continued his training to include becoming a Green Building LEED Associate. Paul believes that the training is great for educational value but the hands on building and understanding the local enviroment you live in needs to be combined with this knowledge. Having built on Maui for over 28 years gives Paul a good background in local buiding. Combining the local knowledge with green building practices allows for logical decisions to be made depending on the circumstances. 


Buiding green should only cost slightly more than regular building and should pay for itself in 5 years of future savings on utilities.


Paul Smith Construction is commited to provide the exact specified product according to the owner's, architect's and designer's needs and requirements. 

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